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William Wright

Thank you for visiting my website. Here, I post writings on philosophy, politics and other subjects free of charge. Please feel free to download, read and share the pieces posted below. Remember to check back often for new content.


Lyrics I

Lyrics is a series of twelve narrative poems written in 2020 during a pretty dark period in my life. The title "Lyrics" is a reference to lyric poetry--poetry written in the first person about personal experience. The poems in this...


Reflections on the War in Ukraine

In this piece, the author shares a series of thoughts on the current situation in Ukraine. This includes reflections on Zelensky's role in the war, the strategic dimensions of the war, the parallels with past military campaigns, and the moral...


What is Tyrannical Feminine Culture?

In this short piece, the author clarifies the concept of "Tyrannical Feminine Culture" from his longer work Polemics.


Why I Write

"Why I Write" is a short reflective essay. In it, the author discusses the reasons why he feels motivated to write. He also discusses themes such as the hostility between men and women today, and the dogmatic and harmful nature...



Today, we are facing an existential threat, a fundamental challenge to our values, our way of life, and the prosperity we have built for ourselves. We have reached a cultural crossroads, a major turning point in the history of our...


Comming Soon

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