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William Wright

Thank you for visiting my website. Here, I post writings on philosophy, politics and other subjects free of charge. Please feel free to download, read and share the pieces posted below. Remember to check back often for new content.

About Me

My name is William Wright. I graduated Emory University in 2016 with a BA in political science. My interests include philosophy, history, literature, film and other subjects in the humanities. My mission is to write about the social, political and philosophical issues that I believe to be most urgent in the 21st century, and to share my views with as wide an audience as possible. My vision is to see a tolerant society that has fully assimilated and reconciled the values and principles of the liberal tradition, but that is also confident in itself and ready to take leadership in bringing the world into the future.

I intend to post all of my writings here on this website free of charge. I want my work to be accessible to as many people as possible who care about the future of our society. My goal is to become a full-time writer, and so if you enjoy my work or agree with it, please consider donating.

You can contact me via email at