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William Wright

Thank you for visiting my website. Here, I post writings on philosophy, politics and other subjects free of charge. Please feel free to download, read and share the pieces posted below. Remember to check back often for new content.

Recent Work


Today, we are facing an existential threat, a fundamental challenge to our values, our way of life, and the prosperity we have built for ourselves.

We have reached a cultural crossroads, a major turning point in the history of our civilization. The time has come to reassess our culture and our values.

Polemics is a critique of neo-liberalism and of our contemporary political culture. In part I of this book, the author examines themes such as feminism, identity politics and cancel culture, and shows how these political trends are disruptive towards our political and cultural unity. The author also examines the historical origins of neo-liberalism and shows how the themes and attitudes of the 20th century are no longer appropriate for our present political circumstances. Marxism, existentialism, anti-Western sentiment and extreme pacifism are all treated and criticized in this book. Finally, the author calls for a renewal of our sense of group identity, and for us to stand up and fight for ourselves and our civilization.